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05.05.03 - 8:07 p.m.

rah, stuck at work. soon the product of our labors will go live, and then hardcore simcity players everywhere will be marginally more happy.

az. and i spent three hours at mission cliffs yesterday. i'm tellin ya, if i keep this up i'm gonna have MASSIVE, TOTALLY RIPPED... fingertips. it hurts to type today.

my favorite moment in climbing is when you can't figure out where your next move is, and you lean back into your harness and survey the wall above you looking for the path. at such times i feel clear-headed and confident.

also yesterday, set up the new digital camera, which means soon you will be feasting your eyes on my stunning photographic renditions of the produce aisle at cal foods. thought process at the grocery store last night was:

Wow, those carrots are orange. Perhaps no one has ever photographed carrots up close before. (snap snap snap) GENIUS!! I've reduced the vegetables to a pure visual texture! A symphony of orange and green! (snap snap snap) I was afraid they'd kick me out on suspicion that I was spying for Safeway, but nobody hassled me at all. Cal foods security is definitely lax after 11.

the mix is coming together. it's just a bunch of songs, is wot. if you would like a copy, contact me. if you do not live within spitting distance, please send your address. (so that i may mail spit at you.)

we were the only people at katia's last night. it was simultaneously romantic and sad. she's started her own baking business on the side, and we got a couple of complementary loaves. riesling, potato varenki, and of course that borscht... the borscht that makes tears well up in my eyes, that renders me incapable of speech or logical thought... RICH RED HUAFHGGHAGALLA

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