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05.19.03 - 4:50 p.m.

Ok, I admit it, I've been spending too much time surfing through friendster. It may be old hat to you, but it's just gone viral here, so every day I see someone new. I enjoy flipping through the profiles of strangers. It's like diaryland but without the tiresome diaries.

As a matchmaking service, I must say friendster has its merits. I don't know if it works in practice, but in theory it makes sense. How do you meet people? Through friends. This just expedites that process. It's easy to ask for an introduction, and the person you're trying to meet automatically has at least one connection to you, albeit distant.

I'm not looking to meet anyone particularly, but I'm still fascinated by people's bios. I can spend hours browsing through these encapsulated stabs at identity, looking at the photos people pick for themselves, what bands and authors are popular, who's connected to whom. To some extent, we're all defined by the company we keep. When Az. asked me what the best thing about me was, I said "my friends."

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