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06.05.03 - 7:25 p.m.

i'll give myself till the end of don't get it twisted. sadat x has that unmistakeable drawl, plus i love the sonar blips and incomprehensible chanting... it puts me in a mood. all good music puts me in a mood. 4:16 drug that produces emotions with no objective correlative. in "the closing of the american mind" alan bloom fulminates about the artificial surges of joy create by rock n roll. according to him this music weakens character by providing easy access to feelings that should normally only be felt at the peak of Man's achievement: successful courtship, victory in just war, some other bullshit. (he makes a point of framing it all in terms of men.) i remember reading that passage and imagining it in the voice of grandpa simpson. YOU KIDS AND YOUR ROCK N ROLL MUSIC!!

i have books to tell you about, wasp factory and bee season and a million more. but now the song is over.

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