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06.06.03 - 11:34 a.m.

Music makes you lose control

Music = biography (in High Fidelity when he breaks up with his gf he reorganizes his entire record collection, because it soothes him and reminds him of so many different times in his life)

Music = key to the past, aural equivalent of the madeline/tea combo that transports Proust back to his childhood days. Every time I hear "California Uber Alles" I think of 11th grade, when I would blast it at top volume to wake myself up at the buttcrack of dawn. I got my mom to like that song eventually.

Music = social lubricant. Why is it always too loud in bars? Your heart rate increases, the blood flushes your face, girls and boys mingle

Music = anthems. Every revolutionary movement needs its poets. FUCK THE POLICE, COMIN STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND. (Not that NWA were wild-eyed marxists; I suppose it's more a matter of voicing dissent than constructively changing things)

Music = map to your lap. Sexually charged, sensitive singer song writer or bling bling thug, either way the sounds ease the way to badonka donk donk.

Music = ritual, spiritual (gospel, goa trance), habitual (the beat junkies, vinyl addicts, fiendin for the next new thing)

Music is the thread woven through all these days.

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