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06.13.03 - 3:46 p.m.

Last night we had dinner with the fresh-faced hippies living beneath us in Apt 2.

It was an excellent evening, except for one thing: Az. and I couldn't remember their names. It was that kind of situation where you know you're supposed to know the other person's name so you can't just ask. I thought about asking to see their driver's licenses but couldn't think of a good reason. So we had to just do the best we could without this vital information. It's not so hard really. You just say "hey..." and "you" a lot.

The funny thing was, once we'd left their apartment, it occurred to us that THEY never called either of US by name either! So we can only surmise that the entire evening, we were all trapped in this Mexican standoff where nobody knew anybody's name, but everybody was too embarrassed to ask! Isn't that absurd? I could see us becoming better & better friends, but never getting up the nerve to admit we don't know each other's names, and then one of them will have a kid and I'll be his godfather but I won't know the kids name either so whenever I see him I'll have to say "hey... little dude..."

That's it, I'm breaking into their house and checking for ID.


travis weighs in with the true story!

as an ann arborite i must burst your bubble and inform you that Booty Won't Stop was one of a collection of (very) lo-fi booty songs produced on a limited edition tape release like five years ago. it was actually written by my good ann arbor pal and fellow d-lander Katovit, with lyrical assistance from another kid. i think rothbart is aware of this but keeps that on the DL since it really was submitted by someone who found the mysterious tape on the street. katovit is also the songwriter for that band Midwest Product, if you've heard of them.

as far as i remember (lost the tape), the lyrics were:

Damn...yo booty don't stop, girl
Damn...yo booty don't stop, girl
Damn...yo booty don't stop, girl
Whatchoo gonna dooo?
Whatchoo gonna dooo?

(repeat ad nauseum)

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