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06.27.03 - 12:29 p.m.

The heat. Enervating, "Do The Right Thing" heat. It's hard to concentrate at home, beccause our 3rd floor Mission apartment has no AC. You walk in and five minutes later it's like you've got a fever. Too hot to eat, too hot to clean. Too hot to think. Too hot to fuck.

Our ficus tree is slowly dying. The leaves are turning yellow and bunches of them fall off at the slightest touch. I have killed plants before, and I don't want to kill again-- but what to do? They said water it once a week and keep it out of direct sunlight. We're following their instructions, but to no avail. Is it unhappy in our living room? Is it the heat?

After work I am going to buy a fan. Tonight I will take off all my clothes, sit in front of this fan, and drink beer.

If you are a ficus expert, please contact me immediately.

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