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07.16.03 - 10:37 a.m.

Went to see Spoon last night-- top notch. The thing I love about them is that they write these perfectly encapsulated two minute songs... no jamming, no guitar solos, no bullshit. Just sharp angular melodies and beautiful turns of phrase. Their songs are so short that they were able to play practically every good tune from Series of Sneaks, Kill the Moonlight and Girls Can Tell.

It was strange to go to a concert where I knew all the songs. I'd listened to them so many times that at first it was jarring, adjusting to the differences that occur when there's no studio trickery available. But after I took out my earplugs (no need-- the sound was perfect), everything sounded a million times better and I was in heaven.

Shawn and Cosmo didn't enjoy themselves, but they're indie-rock haters in general so that's no big surprise. Laura and Mike had nicer things to say. Brian, Az., Jenny, Shelia, T.J., Elio, and David have rather inconsiderately chosen not to keep blogs, so we have no official record of their opinions on the matter. GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE

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