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07.18.03 - 10:54 a.m.

As an engineer, I feel my chief professional responsibility is to avoid meetings. Two got cancelled today, so I am flyin high!

Feeling guilty that I didn't write about 4th of july weekend when my parents visited. I don't know why, but let me at least make a cursory listing of things we did for the sake of completeness. God forbid there's a lapse in the record of my existence; what would future historians do then?

San Francisco Mime Troop @ Dolores Park -- resulted in sun burn, but a good time nonetheless. Musical melodrama with a political bent. I was a bit put off by the deceptive advertising though-- there were no real mimes involved.

Fireworks at Fort Mason -- 4th of july is a great holiday because all you do is eat bbq and blow shit up. That's why I'm proud to be an american... where at least I know I'm free. (to purchase 25 types of toothpaste)

slanted door, greens, lorca, ti couz -- it took my parents visiting to remind me what a great restaurant town SF is. possibly the best in the US-- NYC doesn't have as much of a veggie/organic bent. by the time my folks left, i could barely walk due to the bulge in my belly.

Tchaikovsky Showcase -- this just gave me a headache, actually. There was a cellist soloist who looked and acted like Fabio. He shook his long dark tresses with disturbing frequency. I would have thrown up some panties if I'd remembered to bring some. (note to self: always remember to bring women's underwear in case you need to throw panties onstage ironically)

american analog set @ bottom of the hill -- actually az. and i went to this after my parents left. they have all you can eat bbq on sundays, so why not. i left az. sitting for a minute as i went to get some potato salad, and when i came back some guy was chatting her up. he was a member of the band. pretty impressive right? then when american analog set went on, we saw that the guy was their tambourine player! hahaha!!

as i've gotten older, i've realized how cool my parents are. they are charismatic, erudite, adventurous and totally non-traditional (in that they never demanded i become a doctor or lawyer). on the other hand, if they had been a little more traditional, maybe i'd be a lawyer or doctor right now instead of a video game programmer. and i'd have a mansion in the hills and my own helicopter. and i'd know how to play violin or piano! man, what gives? my future kids better watch out, lest i be tempted to make a few corrections. ("play that piano, or it's back to the closet with you.")

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