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07.21.03 - 7:37 p.m.

aches and pains this monday evening. i went to rusty's class yesterday and managed to get through it without passing out, but today my shoulders are sore. it feels like i'm stretched into someone else's body.

yoga tree built the castro studio especially for rusty, their big star. he was threatening to defect to another yoga place, so they gave him the castro studio to keep him happy. it's bigger than any of the other yoga trees in sf, but when rusty teaches it fills to capacity. he has a beautiful, impossibly perfect body. tall, muscular in a lean kind of way. rippling shoulders, washboard abs.

i look askance at berkeley hippies and their chanting ways. nevertheless, i like the sound of one hundred people singing "sita ram, sita ram" and then all humming "om" from the depths of their bellies. it's a rich sound, a satisfyingly deep reverberation that surrounds you and pushes out extraneous thoughts. you don't have to be a hippie to enjoy this.

the "sita ram" song refers to sita & ram from hindu mythology. az. says they represent destruction and creation, opposites that coexist harmoniously. she likes this song because it reminds her of our own imbalances. at night we consume poisons; by day we seek harmony & control. for every healthy practice in our lives there's an equally destructive partying tendency. it's a constant back and forth.

as we grow older, our minds and bodies will be less quick to recover. eventually this tug of war may prove untenable. for now we choose to satisfy all inclinations, and live in contradictory grace.

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