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07.23.03 - 5:13 p.m.

as burning man approaches i am feeling lame and uncreative. i can't think of what i can bring to the playa. az. and i are thinking about setting up a croquet game, but the details remain elusive. there's the pinhole camera, but my contribution to that has been minimal. i'm not exactly bubbling with ideas.

in general the last few years have made me increasingly skeptical of the notion that we all have art within us. i have written precisely one (1) song on reason. 0 stories. i have built nothing. at most i have served as a witness to beauty, but my restive critical ambitions have not resulted in any actual critical output. maybe i'm lazy. maybe i lack talent. the truth is probably somewhere in between.

no use in navel gazing though. i'm buying el wire today-- 10 feet blue, 10 feet lime green, plus driver & connector. at least enough to play with. every day is a new opportunity to prove myself wrong.

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