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08.01.03 - 10:38 a.m.

ok i spoke too soon, looks like i can't get the time off to go to thailand for new year's. hooray for product launches.

so what to do for new year's 2003... i guess i could go home...

starting to get to that point where all i can think about is burning man. i know it's lame given that i'm not even building anything spectacular for it. but i'm excited about decorating my bike tomorrow at the soldering party, and doing up my robe & so forth. need more costume, need to figure out how we're gonna get there. maybe ride w/ shawn/noel etc if they have room, but sounds like they might not. guess we could rent a car but that's expensive.

new moon this year, so better bring extra flashlights.

c.j. and kate are getting married that thursday at pinhole. i think it's legal but i don't know what else i think.

i met az. at burning man, a year ago. strange to think how fast things happen. it's gonna be our anniversary when we're out there. i don't know what we'll do, maybe something quiet and simple. some kind of ceremony?

vaguely stressed, soon it will be not so vague. lots of preparations. can't wait!

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