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08.05.03 - 1:20 p.m.

mE FEELIN IT sir rhodes!

state of the union address: electronic music circa 2003 is most vital and pulsating right here: daniel wang, lowfish, solvent, legowelt, etc. i don't care if "disco nouveau" is a stupid name or if it requires me to implicitly endorse disco. when i hear these depeche mode burbling basslines and such I cannot help but jerk spasmodically.

i hope this genre i've fallen for doesn't turn out to embarassingly be "electroclash". i admit that despite reading that word a million times I'm still not exactly sure what it is.

the thrift store down the street has dozens of "best american xxxx 19xx"'s. best sports writing 2002, best american essays 1997. i went nuts last time we were there. it's like caramel popcorn for your brain. the sportswriting collection contains a fascinating article on eric pehota, who is as alien to me as a tree or a butterfly.

(courtesy mark gallup)

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