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09.19.03 - 3:54 p.m.

Going to this party tonight put on by the Divine Rhythm Society. The more I read about them the more intrigued I get. What the hell are we getting ourselves into?! The invitation to the party (which was given to us by az's friend Bob, who has this souped up ambulance called the "Ambient Ambulance" that he takes to Burning Man and Chillits and other events of that sort) comes in the form of a cd with liner notes. Here's a verbatim snippet:

The Ceremony for Ember will not begin at midnight. It will begin the moment you play this CD. We invite you to begin dancing as soon as you get home, or in privacy of your car. Immerse yourself in the experience of dancing... alone.

I know right?? But cheesiness aside, I have to admit I'm pretty curious what it's gonna be like. These people take their dancing very seriously.

The one thing that remains at the heart of our community is the dance. Four times a year, we create a space for individuals to come together in dance, and explore primary religious, spiritual and personal experiences. On the evening of Friday September 19th until the morning of the 20th we invite you to discover, reaffirm and share at the Divine Rhythm Society's autumnal All Night Dance Celebration, Ember.

The music on the cd's not bad. I don't know what category it fits into exactly. Some bass tracks, some... psy-trance?

I think tonight I might figure out what psy-trance is.


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