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09.24.03 - 1:24 a.m.

Radiohead was a waste of time. I'm annoyed with myself for forgetting why I don't go to big arena shows. It took 3 hours to get down to the Shoreline and then for 2 hours we sat in the darkness surrounded by however many thousands of strangers and far in the distance, the size of a diorama, there was Radiohead. Although it could have been the Doobie Brothers or a troupe of monkeys for all I know. We were very, very far away. I ended up watching most of the concert on one of the huge tv screens above the stage. Just like sitting in my living room, except with a bunch of strangers that I didn't invite and no fridge full of beer. And then another 2 hours in traffic to get back.

I like Radiohead's music, but the live experience adds nothing of value. They couldn't banter their way out of a paper bag. They don't have pyrotechnics or dancers. There were no raffles or bake sales.

I paid $45 plus another $7 towards good parking plus another $7 for a beer. Fuck that, I should have spent the money on a good pair of headphones and just stayed at home listening to "Hail to the Thief". OVERRRRRRRR MY, DEAD BODY

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