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10.31.03 - 3:08 p.m.

I have eaten 63 minature Reeses peanut butter cups today. And 20 "fun packs" of jelly bellies.

Why did my manager have to buy the good stuff? All these kids came to the office yesterday to trick or treat, and she wanted to give them something nice. I'll tell you one thing, I wouldn't be suffering stomach pains if she'd purchased Charleston Chews. No way I would I have eaten 63 god-damned Charleston Chews!

Every fifth person at work today has on a costume. I'm wearing my burning man get up. I know that's cheating but I also don't care.

fig a: this is where a picture of me would be if i had any space left on diaryland.

Don't know what to do tonight. Lots of parties thrown by people I tangentially know, but no one thing sticks out. Halloween came before I was ready. Oh well, maybe we'll hit the haunted barn. I wonder if they will have bowls of spaghetti that they tell you are human entrails. I've been fooled many atime by that trick.

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