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11.02.03 - 12:57 a.m.

eating rather too many carrots with peanut butter. a mild day.

woke up to the cellphone ringing. matt chrisman on the phone. we had a nice long conversation about the neurobiology/philosophy papers jenny sent out. and difficulties of dating someone whose native language is not english, and the possibility that he might fly here in mid december. it was fun last time he came, even though we didn't get to see the scale model of the bay.

breakfast at ananda fuara. run by devotees of some guru, sri something, hare-krishna like. good veggie food. due to the ganja-weed we were somewhat spastic. shutting the blinds near our table became a comedy of errors.

winter is here. the days are getting shorter. i feel my moods growing darker. what would it mean to be truly happy? where am i on that continuum? maybe thinking about it is the clearest indication that something's amiss.

at moma, shopping for various birthdays. an strange number of birthdays occur in november-- me, az., amma. plus others wooshing by. i've been meaning to send out an email asking when everybody's birthday is, so i can build a calendar.

went to az's gym, "bodytonic". it's way less ghetto than 24 hr fitness. they play ambient music, the tvs don't blare fox news. the music isn't super loud, the facilities are nicer. they have a quiet beautiful garden room. running water, peppermint tea. bags are provided so you can quarantine your smelly sweat-soaked clothes. i wish there was a gym like bodytonic close to my work. but there's only 24 hr, so that's where i go. as the dead kennedies said, give me convenience or give me death.

back home, watching spike jonez, listening to squeeze and aphex twin. comforting sounds from the past.

the surly music driver
our landlord, who just bought the chinese restaurant in our building and plans to turn it vietnamese
the new businesses opening on valencia, signs of a recovery?
the pending elections, attempting to read the election booklet, SO BORING, matt gonzalez for sf mayor?
fear of indolence
dreams of escape to foreign lands
unabiding loneliness
comfort in love

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