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11.04.03 - 11:01 a.m.

One thing I like about voting is how polling stations get put in the most mundane places. You're as likely as not to end up voting in your neighbor's garage, an elementary school gym, or the local maximum security penitentiary. On election days I feel proud of the United States and its democratic traditions.

The thick grey election booklet was way too boring to read this morning, so I just voted the Guardian clean slate.

Local politics are way more boring than national politics; yet you probably have a much greater ability to make a difference locally than nationally. I always feel guilty that I'm not more engaged with local politics. My participation doesn't extend much further than joining groups like the SFBC, donating money and voting. Haha and there was that one time I went to a FTAA protest, where the main thing I realized is that those signs are really frickin' heavy! Have you ever tried to carry around a big sign on a windy day? Fugedaboutit!

The problem with this election is that it didn't get much attention from the media. I guess what we need is at least one celebrity to run in EVERY election. Maybe that should be required by law. Other ways to get people to vote:

1. THE CARROT. Give them a tax credit (or cold hard cash) upon completion of their voting duties. Or, combine voting with the lotto!!

2. THE STICK. Make people pay more taxes if they can't prove they voted. Or, publish a "hall of shame" listing all the people who didn't vote.

3. Did I mention the voting plus lotto idea? That's pretty good right?

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