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12.01.03 - 10:26 p.m.

thanks to everyone who remembered by birthday

if you replace "my" with "by" it sounds like you have a cold

we had a cocktail party. people bought lots of booze and we have a lot left and that's why i drank so much and that's why i drove the car into denny's. your honor.

being a writer means revising, and i want to be a writer, so i better start revising. i'm working on those reviews in the last entry. or at least, i'm 'in the process of working on them', which equates to having a beer and writing about writing.

one year when my brother stayed in houston for thanksgiving, he went to this esoteric 24hr coffee shop (notsuoh-- now sadly defunct), and it turned out it was an S&M night. they called it-- wait for it-- Spanksgiving.

the holiday mood is upon me. eggnog mixed with whiskey, short cold nights. i get nostalgic for things i never had. moments from the past crystalize into idealized ghost images. everything is better through the haze of years.

hollertronix, kompakt tour, all this and yet going out is less and less different from staying in. with the right selection of crossword puzzles and jolly ranchers, i could vanish till summer.

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