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12.05.03 - 1:19 p.m.

Daydreaming about London today, after seeing Jeff's photos from Deutschland. Thinking about the flat where four of us lived in two rooms, the single suitcase of clothes that lasted me for close to a year. It was an adventure. I need an adventure.

I never pulled in London. Never even really dated anyone. At times I felt intensely lonely, but at other times so free. I loved existing in this endless city where you could wander down back alleys for years and always there would be something new. Nobody knew me and nobody cared who I was and I liked that. I could wake up in the morning and be whoever I wanted to be.

It would have gotten to me eventually. Sometimes I wish I'd made friends with more foreigners. Often I wish I were a foreigner myself. I know there will be more trips, but I'll never get another chance to return to that ineffable mysterious satisfaction, the sense that surprises were everywhere. If I could go back, if I could be there again... I would take all the forks in all the roads in the world.

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