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12.08.03 - 1:37 p.m.

last night we sat around one of those rotating chinese restaurant tables and discussed the finer points of a heart so white by javier marias. it was much better than the last book club meeting, probably because this time we actually enjoyed the book. "life of pi" was poppycock.

i would tell you what we talked about but too lazy, instead here are keywords for only my own benefit: ltr/marriage issues--the constant telling of secrets, having to unload yourself, leaving a restaurant and knowing your lover is going the exact same way as you, depressing end to mystery--translation (both profession of protagonist and the book itself, wordiness as style vs artifact of the translation, but "they have sentences in spanish, don't they?"), similarity to manchurian candidate/chinatown as an old-fashioned slow-burning tale of suspense, leg fetish, "where are the books where people act like real people?", we all enjoyed the scene where ranz revealed his secret. but my favorite is still the scene where narrator and luisa meet (where he purposely mistranslates). didn't care for the macbeth angle but others did.

also saw shawn bust out the capoeira moves and earn his green belt. my camera batteries were near-dead so the pictures didn't turn out great. more things i can't do: one armed handstands, backflips, playing that weird instrument that looks like a pole with a coconut attached. lina left one of those in our apt. baffling.

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