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02.11.04 - 5:43 p.m.

My studio's Vice President dropped a bomb on us yesterday... we're moving from Walnut Creek to EA headquarters in Redwood City. That's 50 miles southwest, on the other side of the bay.

The implications are still hypothetical at this stage, but the main negative is that my commute will be radically different, and-- since I don't have a car-- potentially more cumbersome. EA HQ isn't close to Caltrain or BART, so I'll have to either bring a bike or rely on rideshares. And I have it good compared to the poor saps with houses out in Antioch and Lafayette! They're now facing the prospect of an hour and half commute, minimum, each way.

On the other hand, EA HQ is much more lavish than our current digs at work. They have an onsite gym (Club One), a movie theatre, a subsidized cafeteria, and probably skeeball. Maybe it will do me good to get jolted out of the routine. I've been trying to get myself out of the doldrums, by signing up for classes and contemplating travel and helping Az. spruce up our place. I don't know if any of it really helps a tenth as much as the sun coming out. Summertime, come soon... I can't wait much longer.

Maybe the dramatic change at work is a signal that I need to get my ass in gear and figure out where I want to be in 5 years. Conceive of myself as an arrow; aim, then fire.

A certain girlfriend has accused me of being a packrat, and as is often the case when a certain girlfriend points out some personality trait, I got well-upset about it even though she's obviously correct. How dare she suggest that I throw out my collection of Q magazines!! What if I need to know what they thought of Justin Timberlake circa 2001? How can I conduct vital musical research without an extensive library of pop musical blather?

Yet, after some contemplation, I've decide she's right. Although not as bad as some, I definitely have a tendency to hoard useless artifacts.

So OK, I'm letting go. It feels good to let go. I'm throwing away 10 years of ticket stubs, stacks of magazines, pamphlets and flyers, even jewel cases. Yes, I threw out all my CD jewel cases! If you needed proof that the digital revolution has fully overtaken Amarville, there you have it. ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR ETC ETC.

That being said, I refuse to throw out any of my 50 short-sleeved white button ups (aka the "Indian math professor" shirts I stole from my dad's closet). Wherever my arrow lands 5 years hence, you can count on me still rocking the office casual gear.

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