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02.27.04 - 4:17 p.m.

I had my first welding class yesterday. It's fun, playing with fire. We learned how to cut steel with oxyacetylene torches. When you light the acetylene, a beautiful bright orange flame wooshes out. Then you let in the oxygen and a sharp green cone emerges amidst the flame. You cut by heating the metal, then pushing it out with bursts of O2.

My favorite technique we learned was piercing. It's pretty simple-- you just heat up thin steel till it sweats, then let out oxygen to blow a hole. But I preferred just heating the metal till it was a beautiful liquidy orange. It looked like molten lava!

Next week we learn arc-welding. I'm looking forward to wearing the mask, and possibly electrocuting myself.

It's been a busy week-- I had Flash training Tuesday and Wednesday, and Tuesday night Az. and I met up with Andy & Rachel so we could all buy tickets to Kauai. We're going for 10 days in mid-May. I want to wind-surf, but if it's as hard as snowboarding then I'll probably end up drowning.

It seems my New Year's resolutions can be summarized by

1. Find more opportunities for death

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