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04.15.04 - 5:53 p.m.

I just bought a Gameboy Advance. I need it to distract myself during the long commute to Redwood City.

I guess they call it a gameboy because it plays games and it's small, like a boy. By this logic the ipod should be called the Songboy. That's actually a pretty good name, don't you think?

Taking scuba lessons with Andy/Rachel next weekend! So we'll be diving in Hawaii, not Thailand-- I'm still amazed that it's happening at all. Az. is already certified because when she was at Cornell they had a PE requirement that could be fulfilled by taking classes like "scuba 101", "rock climbing" and "spelunking". WTF?! At Rice our choices were limited to badminton, "Walk Jog Run" and other prosaic activities.

In addition to the gameboy, I also bought a new computer. It has RAM, world wide web and other power user features. The goal is to "WAH" (work at home) to avoid "SPITH" (shooting people in the head).

Computer's not here yet, so gotta come into work this Saturday. There goes the test drives with Shawn. New (used) Corolla will have to wait. Of course, Az. and I haven't found an apt with parking yet anyway, so maybe it's for the best.

Every U2 album has 75% crap and 25% killer anthems.


I should put up pics from Europe. I took an amazingly stoned panoramic in Amsterdam. It's pretty funny, it starts out as a reasonable panoramic shot but soon spirals out of control until I'm looking at my shoes.

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