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06.04.04 - 10:29 a.m.

Things I thought about on the shuttle to work today:

  • David Byrne's appearance on Space Ghost
  • David Byrne interviewing himself on the Talking Heads DVD, how I've never actually seen this but read about it and formed an opinion of David Byrne as immensely weird
  • Talking Heads, oddly satisfying to listen to them on my ipod devoid of historical context
  • Council estates (via V. S. Naipaul story in New Yorker)
  • "Buggering" (via the same)
  • Odds of dying in a shuttle speeding along on the highway. (Estimate may have been high due to the shuttle's lack of shocks and the consequent sickening lurch whenever we hit a bump and went briefly airborne)
  • How to beat that last "Rivals" mission in Advance Wars
  • Stress over continued apartment search-- desire to have it ended
  • What kind of car I should get
  • Properties of the plastic shuttle windows that would account for the light effects appearing identically on each car that zoomed past going the opposite way
  • Need to shave, should have eaten breakfast
  • Crappy earphones I stole from United Airlines, need to get real ones
  • "Buggering" (again)

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