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06.14.04 - 5:38 p.m.

Besides pumping my fist as the Pistons shut down the Lakers, I also played racquetball this weekend. It felt good to get in there and smack some balls around, after a long hiatus. At one point I accidentally pegged Jay in the ear. He said it really stung, because the ball was going so fast. I was secretly gratified to hear this.

On Saturday Az. and I met up with Jay (not racquetball Jay, different new Jay; life only becomes more confusing) for brunch in our new hood. Oh yeah, we signed a lease and will be moving end of month or early next month. Our new place is up 16th right before Market/Noe. Right near the Baghdad Cafe. We're right across the street from a library, which will be a nice change of pace from living opposite Mission bars. Estimate 40% less drug addicts pissing on our front steps at 2AM.

New Jay lives pretty close to us, and I'm happy to finally have somebody to get a drink with after work. Already scoping out the pubs to find a local. Tricky because there are lots of gay bars in the neighborhood, and as an extremely good looking young man, I am in danger of breaking hearts if not careful.

There was an art party where people stood around in a well appointed loft and the deafening din of a dozen conversations gave me a headache... went car shopping with Shawn... oh man, car shopping is such a pain in the ass.


  • the english coins scattered on my desk, left over from heathrow, that I keep mistaking for quarters and taking to the vending machine, only to be thwarted when they don't even fit in the coin slot
  • mushrooms in the veggie stirfry i get at lunch-- always end up picking them out and plopping them into the trash bin
  • the "suggested price" they have on the side of used cars at a used car lot. this price is just a little joke to get things started. if you paid that price they would try to sell you the london bridge as a parking spot for your new car.
Lots of stress lately, between work and moving and car shopping and the quarters that turn out to be 47half-pence or whatever. Do you ever wish you could fast forward through your own life? It seems unhealthy to think this way. Life isn't all bad, not by any stretch; it's just that there are certain things I'd rather pass through in a blur. Like going to the gym, or car shopping, or moving. It would be nice to dissociate and have my body do it on auto-pilot. The dream of waking up to the washing up done.

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