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06.25.04 - 10:31 a.m.

Going to Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight, along with so many other lefties. A big circle jerk. I'm down for the cause but have to admit, I have misgivings about Moore's new flick. All the reviews I've seen describe it as typical Moore-- full of cheap shots and scattered philosophy. The New Yorker ended their review by remarking that the one thing Moore has never figured out how to do is change people's politics. Is this the best propaganda we have to offer?

I'll take it for what it is-- a chance to laugh at that smirking bastard in the White House for 2 hours, and share that mirth with a packed house. If you want reasoned debate you can always pick up the paper. (Uh... well maybe a European paper, or something.)

Gonna be a political weekend. On Saturday we're going to a fundraising dinner for Kerry. I've never been to one before, but the food sounds good and it's a chance to hang out with this guy Trent that we met last Halloween. You know sometimes you meet someone and decide you like them a lot, even though there's no real reason to? It's not like you hung out or have any back history, but there's something intangible. Not exactly "charisma", because that's too universal, but something more particular. Anyway Trent is that kind of guy.

On Sunday we start painting our new house. Hopefully Andy will help us out, because he painted his old place and it looks great, whereas we did our current place and it looks like it was painted by wolves.

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