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07.02.04 - 10:39 p.m.

a sniffle from traces of white, no time to dance, we're packing tonight.

we had all this junk- motorcycle helmet, 3 broken laptops, ikea desk, chairs, blankets with paint spilled on them, wicker blinds. originally the plan was to take it to the dump tomorrow, but on a whim i put an ad in the 'free' section of craigslist. holy shit. literally within ONE MINUTE of posting the ad, my phone started ringing. it hasn't stopped since. i'm more popular than i've ever been in my life. talking to person x and beep there's a call on the other line, while my messages are stacking up, my inbox is filling up.

everybody wants the laptops. for parts? i don't know. one guy offered to trade us hauling for the inspiron. so now we have someone coming to pick up our junk tomorrow. word to the wise-- if you have a broken laptop, it is still worth something.

took a break from the packing to hit movida for jay's birthday gathering. i like his friends with their worldly accents. this petite indian girl gave me her card, "single beige female"... she was a pixie. she quit her job 4 years ago after making eye contact with nitin sawhney's band at glastonbury and getting invited backstage and then invited to tour with them selling t-shirts (!) now she is making music in SF. she had an ipod with dual headphone jack and we listened to her stuff together, then az. joined us and i shared a pair with her, 3 of us listening to pixie-girl's songs in the deafening din of the bar... it was nice to be there. i'm glad we met jay, seems very rare these days to make a new friend. a nonparty friend.

now i am back and everything must go in a box, subtle calculations... stereo must be last to go. i falter without a song to my step. tomorrow we will sleep somewhere new.

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