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07.14.04 - 5:35 p.m.

Coming off a social run... weds : hit a couple pubs w/ Jay and his mates (they're British so they're "mates"... if German they would be "svine")

thurs: caught up with Cos and Shawn at a cheap Vietnamese place after they'd watched that Metallica documentary where James and Lars get in touch with their feelings and "owning their ok-ness"

fri: went to see Jill Scott at Bimbos w/ Nick... it was different from your standard indie rock show in that a) it featured a singer who could actually sing, b) there were loads of black people there, c) audience was WAY enthusiastic and prone to dancing, d) there were back-up singers, and e) everybody was dressed up. Nick just broke up with his gf and invited me in her stead... a sad scene made sadder because I did not put out.

sat: pinhole fundraiser-- an excellent party with half-naked girls and some other stuff I forget on account of the half-naked girls. (who of course could not compare to az. in her splendour)

sun: bbq at our new place, which az. wants to christen the "lily pad" but i would rather call the "pleasure dome"

And then a few days of puttering, pottering, put-put-golfing, not-put-outing... I am working on an essay about art via reappropriation in video games. it's difficult because i don't know what exactly links the things i want to write about. they include machinima, super mario clouds, mario battle #1, time attacks, velvet strike, and then somehow relate it to hardy's criteria for mathematical beauty and/or drifting and scratching. i have to carve out from this mountain my own little piece. oh yeah, the whole reason i want to write about this is to talk about virtual crash sculpture. gonna make some recordings at shawn's soon and then you will see. oh you will see.

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