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07.28.04 - 10:38 p.m.

final beta build is due this monday. I've never worked on a single project for so long. It's been a year? a year and a half? Never worked on anything this complex; even Microsoft Powerpoint. it's exhilarating in a strange way, strange because it's simultaneously soul deadening; to be at work so much, at work even when i'm at home. But when a bunch of smart people put all their energy into making something happen, you can't help but get caught up in the magic. as for the game, I don't know... our names are in the credits, we are taking responsibility for this thing thrust out into the world, a novel a movie a baby... you can only see warts for the former, the latter you love through a lens.

What worries me is performance; what worries me is the thought that we could fail CQC (the quality control process EA uses) due to some error in the web system. it's not likely, but the mere possibility keeps me awake. i'm poking and prodding, trying to find bugs but hoping I won't...

THE SOAK TEST -- leave the game on overnight, what do you come to in the morning? a hard crash? a blue screen? have to be careful that your sims don't starve to death or burn down the house; it ruins the test.

KNOWN SHIPPABLE - what you stamp on anything you can live with. gotta get it out the door. a fine balance between quality and expediency. we could work on the game till 2005 and there would still be the ghosts in the machine, random crashes that can't be reproduced, glitches that go away when you try to pin them down. that's how it is.

PIZZA - eating a slice tonight, realized how long it's been since I put pizza in my mouth, quite a while since I've been in this mode, all thoughts on shipping, walking in a dream

but still-- outside world comes in. reading "jarhead", bumpin when you hear that... still plotting a trip to thailand, just another brown skinned white boy from the right side of the tracks. KUMAR of harold and kumar... it could've been harold and amar...

I don't know what I'm saying. I'm tired. Back in the day things were simpler.

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