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08.05.04 - 5:52 p.m.

I can't find the cord that connects my digital camera to the computer. It's very bothersome, but never you mind. Rather than throw my hands up and curse the gods, I have instead chosen to describe some of the photos on my camera. To "paint a picture with words," if you will.

PHOTO 2: Cosmo is standing amidst the crowd on a gray San Francisco day. He's wearing gray shorts and a black tank top, and he's cloaked in a crinkly Mylar heat sheet that he's holding over his shoulders like a boxer holding a towel between rounds. He looks remarkably composed for someone who just ran 26.2 miles. A yellow sheet of paper numbered 3872 is pinned to his left leg.

PHOTO 17: a white box made of thin folded cardboard, eight inches by five inches, maybe four inches deep. The box folds together and tucks in on the top via two flattened pentagon flaps. It's a takeout container, but shallower and wider than the traditional Chinese variety. Someone has scrawled (all caps, shakey handwriting) on each of the four top sections with a Sharpie. Clockwise from top:

3) PROPERTY OF A--- (accompanied by crudely drawn skull and crossbones)

PHOTO 23: Three panels are attached to a white wall in a dimly lit hallway. The panels are countdown timers; each says "TIME REMAINING" on top, in a Art Deco font, and beneath are digital readouts that glow red. The first timer is at

000 00 00 000

with a legend above it reading "Days Hours Minutes Seconds". The sign attached to it says "PROJECT BETA - Friday, July 30 - 1st Shippable Candidate, ZERO Bugs (A, B, C, and V/L)". The second timer is at

000 00 00 000

Its sign says "LANGUAGE TESTING APPROVED - Monday, August 2 - Approval from language testing." The final timer is at

000 17 12 46.8

with the 46.8 slightly blurred from motion. The sign for this one says "FINAL BUILD - Thursday, August 5 - Candidate for CQC Submission". There is something vaguely menacing about the glow of the red timer readouts in the darkness.

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