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09.14.04 - 1:11 p.m.

We're live!

With the game shipping tomorrow (already out in Europe) and the site finished, things are in a state of limbo. I'm already tasked to a new project, but lately have been feeling restless. The standard "where am I headed in life, am I using my full potential, why am I not in New Zealand" type questions.

I should write more. I should come home from work and sit at the computer and write, instead of drinking screwdrivers and playing video games or else going out or else reading other people's writing. I know I should do this, but it's hard to come home from a day's work and then work some more. I know it shouldn't feel like work, but staring at a blank Microsoft Word window rates poorly in comparison to most other leisure time activities.

Here is my favorite bug of all time, from when we were still at alpha:

Issue ID: TS2-38162
Summary: Having Death appear at the same time that the sims get the flu results in Death also getting the flu.

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