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09.22.04 - 12:11 p.m.

Sometimes I feel like EA's engaged in some Clockwork Orange style brainwashing of employees. Except instead of trying to curtail our sociopathic tendencies, they're exacerbating them.

There is a huge video screen hanging from the ceiling of the main EA lobby, the one that I walk through every morning on my way to work. It constantly projects images from our latest games. Here are the images I've seen playing on the last three days I've walked through the lobby:

DAY 1: numerous men in uniform firing rifles at each other, launching grenades to blow up buildings, crying out in agony as they're shot in the gut (Medal of Honor)

DAY 2: two large black men beating the crap out of each other (Fight Night 2005)

DAY 3: racing cars driving on the wrong side of the road, purposely crashing into each other, then bursting into flames (Burnout 3: Takedown)

Isn't that some fucked up shit to see first thing in the morning when you're coming into work? My jaw is starting to twitch. It's a good thing we finally shipped Sims2, because we'll see some nonviolent images up there for a change. "Make love not war," that's my motto. (Also "more rock less talk," and "don't bore us get to the chorus.")

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