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10.05.04 - 9:40 p.m.

Back from Judaism class... got roped into this by Az. It's for people thinking about converting. The rabbi was alright. this is SF, so of course it was a progressive synagogue. I don't know, I am an atheist through and through, plus I've never been interested in religion even from a cultural or historical perspective. so this may be tough. But everyone makes sacrifices for love. Lord knows (pun intended) I am not the easiest person to date, what with my musical tyranny and bad posture and tendency to criticize everything relentlessly. Az's family is pretty religious, so if we got married and I didn't convert, it would be a big problem for them. I'm still unsure whether or not I'd do it, but I'm willing to at least learn more.

Az. and I are going to Israel! dec 24-jan 9. I'm pretty excited. It's obviously not some big religious pilgrimage for me, but I've always wanted to see that part of the world. We're gonna go scuba diving in the red sea and party in Tel Aviv and maybe take a side trip to Egypt. People have asked me if it's safe and I can only say, safety is all relative. Not to be cavalier about it, but it's probably safer in Tel Aviv then it is in the Lower Haight. I think the main danger isn't terrorism, but crazy Israeli drivers. Of course, that doesn't apply to gaza and the occupied territories, but we ain't going near there. although, i would like to visit bethlehem...

in other news, we had a great time celebrating nick's 30th at sugarloaf, and it was nice to see triet & avoid the love parade, and shawn & arnab and i are gonna do a one mile race next month. my times are pretty good but i've never run in a race, so i hope i don't choke. there's all kinds of random stuff going on but i don't write about day to day things so much any more. I guess I've been trying to write more criticism, just for practice. I was reading the Guardian's music reviews the other day, and their writers are mediocre. So of course I thought, I would fit right in! I have to email them or figure out how else to get a foot in the door.

whoever compared the streets to madness really nailed it. their musical styles might be different, but both put out grand pop songs filled with novelistic details and a finely tuned sense of english class consciousness. i guess pulp fits in that category too.

i'm not trying to pull you
even though i would like to
i think you are really fit
you're fit but my gosh, don't you know it

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