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10.25.04 - 2:01 p.m.

THis is the kind of day where my desk is covered with stimulant beverages-- two half full diet coke cans, two paper cups (one with coffee, the other with coffee) and my Maxis mug filled with green tea-- and I keep forgetting which one is the current hottest drink, and which diet coke is the cold one, and every third sip is of the wrong drink and i get a mouthful of lukewarm diet coke or rancid coffee. Fuck this, CAN I GET AN IV DRIP IN HERE, STAT?

Productive weekend with bouts of bacchanalia. Our bathroom and kitchen are now so clean you could eat off the floor, especially if you like your pancakes with a hint of Pinesol.

Blasthaus 9th anniversary party was a blast, pun intended, or not intended, whatever... the crowd was more hipster than funster but Metro Area's set was all I'd hoped for. This is exactly the kind of music I want to go out and dance to, disco with the cheese surgically extracted, hard faster beats but still with warm 80s synth tones, mixed up with some random unclassifiable shit... not that I can classify much of anything anymore. electronic music no longer fits into the few bins i had available... "detroit techno," "san francisco house," "insane nosebleed gabba." the venue (kelly's mission rock) was drafty and cold, but you get enough bodies on the dancefloor and it does heat up.

we watched scarface, invented a scarface drinking game, except instead of drinking, you......... NSFW. but anyway it made me think-- are there are drinking games in which you drink everytime someone in the movie drinks? i've always found drinking games to be sort of pointless-- i prefer to drink when i want to in the amount i want to... but i have to admit it was fun coming up with rules for our scarface game. it's a horrible movie, but in a fun way. al pacino virtually defines the phrase "Chewing scenery" and his fake-ass cuban accent caused periodic stomach pains for all present. it also features a young hot michelle pfeiffer, but you never get to see her tatas or really much of her at all... she phones in her performance as tony's moll, but come on da palma, would it have killed you to give her some dialog, or a personality, or at least more bikinis?

All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don't break em for no one, joo understand?

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