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10.28.04 - 10:58 a.m.

Got my absentee ballot yesterday, which was a relief... I was afraid some bureaucratic foul-up would leave me disenfranchised. Now I just have to figure out my positions on propositions A through ZZ. The pamphlet is weird-- all these people can pay to have their statements published for or against various propositions. I should have paid for a brief statement... "STATEMENT AGAINST PROPOSITION L: I am against this proposition because I have never liked the letter L. The word "loser" starts with L. If you vote yes on L you are a Loser. This statement has been paid for by A.P." Seriously, that's how it works in the booklet.

I'll probably just end up going with whatever Matt Gonzalez vouched for on a local level. On the federal level it's easy-- gonna stick a fork in that smirking bastard-- but on the state level, I don't know... that stem cell thing, other issues, it's tricky... Elio said the League of Women Voters had a guide that would be helpful.

Shit, I got so much work to do today. And I got to participate in democracy. It's hard being a citizen in a capitalist democracy! I guess it beats being living in Myanmar.

PS If there are any props at the SF level or CA level that you feel strongly about, please email me with your recommendations. Also, "alexito", if you're reading this... who are you?

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