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11.08.04 - 9:35 p.m.

I come home tired after work and don't feel like writing. Some things I want to write about at length (i.e. for longer than a paragraph):

144 hearts across san francisco, public art and why I like it so much, murals, destruction of the art/life barrier... destruction of the sanctified gallery. That guy who did a performance art piece and when people showed up at the gallery he was perched high in the rafters, in the darkness, and he shouted "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" Modernism at its finest! And conversely, why the matthew barney thing at guggenheim left me cold... I have to talk about "getting it" in a way that doesn't offend elsquid.

Here are our costumes from halloween. I hope you can tell what we were.

Not pictured is Nick's costume, which was my favorite of the night. He took the bathroom mirror/vanity cabinet from his RV, filled it with cheap cosmetic products like hairspray and shoeshine, attached two lights to the top with "VAN" and "ITY" embossed on, then strapped the whole thing to his chest and danced around in it for hours. It was fun to watch people come up to him, transfixed by their own images, while the VANITY lights flicked on and off...

I was wearing it for a while at this houseparty we ended up at. My favorite moment of this halloween came when I ran into this guy dressed as the devil (with a british accent and a nice jacket with long tails; elegant devil.) After he scrutinized himself in the mirror, I opened the cabinet and offered him products. He took the shoeshine and began shining his shoes. Then he began shining MY shoes. Someone snapped a photo at that moment, and I wish I had a copy. The devil gave me a shoeshine. Isn't that a blues song?

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