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12.09.04 - 2:52 p.m.

shawnsf00: dude, being a rockstar can still lead to a mediocre epitaph
jcruelty: i know man
jcruelty: "seminal guitarist"
jcruelty: haha
jcruelty: they said semen
jcruelty: i wanted to IM cosmo about this
shawnsf00: dude died in ohio
shawnsf00: in some shitty club with 200 fans
jcruelty: fuckin crazy though
jcruelty: fuckin METAL
shawnsf00: Metal As Hell
jcruelty: that's 10x more metal then those people who died at that Great White show
jcruelty: when the place caught fire due to fireworks
jcruelty: but i would be shitting my pants
jcruelty: if that happened
jcruelty: that's why i go to indie rock shows
jcruelty: you never see people unloading semi-automatics at indie rock shows
shawnsf00: you may see them unloading tears about a girl
jcruelty: haha
jcruelty: shooting bullets of tears
shawnsf00: thats a good one
jcruelty: yeah i should write that song
shawnsf00: "leaky bullet face"
jcruelty: that sounds like a rejected wu-tang clan member
shawnsf00: haha

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