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12.19.04 - 4:12 p.m.

First conversation I had this morning, upon awakening:

Me: There's a scarf around my neck
Az (blearily): Yes.
Me: Did I wear a scarf to bed?
Az: Yes.
Me: Why?!
Az: You had it over your eyes.
Me: Oh yeah.

I really need to replace the sleep-blindfold I lost in Miami.

We went to see the Asylum Street Spankers last night, at 12 Galaxies. This is a new bar/club that opened up in the Mission-- they named it after the crazy 12 Galaxies protest guy who was a fixture of downtown SF the whole time I worked at Sapient. Definitely one of the more colorful characters of our fair city. And weirdly enough, he was there last night! Just hanging out! And he's renting out the other side of his crazy protest sign as ad space! I haven't even processed the implications of all this yet.

Anyway, the show was good but the venue sucked. There's a lot of wasted space and they put tables right up in the middle near the stage, instead of further back like they do at Bimbo's. The Spankers didn't play the scrotum song but they did a nice "whiskey love song" and some barbershop quartet tunes about fucking and booze. Standard fare for them, but likeably so.

It is Arctic cold in our apartment and I hate the dark days. Hurry up and be spring already.

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