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12.30.04 - 4:43 p.m.

I get on the internet for a minute and I'm suddenly reading about this crazy earthquake, tsunami, 10000's dead... I called my fam, luckily none of my relatives in south india were affected, but jesus... it sounds just awful. very disconnected from the news.

Have to make this short, at internet cafe in Eilat-- bus comes in 15 mins for border crossing to Egypt. We're going diving in the Red Sea. And snorkeling, which is basically like taking a nap in a warm aquarium. Apparently Dahab is some kinda hippie doper paradise, hopefully that's not the past tense. PS Fuck you Let's Go, "2003." nothing in the book is accurate, all the info is from 2000, there's been new area codes invented since then, restaurants close, numbers change! 2003?! I should sue those mofos.

We spent last night in a sukkah at sukkot in the desert, after a day wandering through maktesh ramon (largest natural crater in the world, though it looked more like a valley to me-- isn't a crater supposed to be all round like a meteor hit? is there a larger artificial crater somewhere? questions to be answered but not now, time is running out, the negev desert & hippie commune where we stayed was great but internet is not high on their list of priorities... they're too busy feeding their donkeys and absorbing chakras, or whatever it is you do with a chakra...

did I lose a parentheses there? The sculpture garden in maktesh ramon was AWESOME. imagine black rock city installations (large scale windchimes, boats, etc, all in the middle of the desert) except next to this huge valley and there's NOBODY there! We were like kids in our own personal playground. I'll have to put some pics up, it was just bomb-diggity. I'm in a rush and possibly making up words; dead sea was lowest point on earth and your ears pop like you're scuba diving but you're in a bus, saw ami in beer'sheva and had 'ful' which was quite not the bomb-diggity.

I hate typing whilst rushed, but can't complain too much. I miss sitting at a computer: not hardly!! Wish I'd brought my scuba boots. Hope this finds you well (whoever & wherever)

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