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02.18.05 - 12:06 a.m.

On biting:

Creativity is a mysterious thing. How do you know when you're writing something no one else has written before? Well, there's Google. But you can't go checking every sentence. And sentences are the easy part; what about ideas? Tone? Mayhap I'm a regurgiton : that is a regurgitation machine.

Does Jay-Z get a pass? I have to admit I was surprised to learn how many of his lines aren't his. This is really a topic for the forthcoming communal blog; when that match lights maybe we can comment on it more. O-Dub's blog has more discussion. Can't figure out how to link to individual entries on his page though. We definitely need that when we come out.

My heart is beating too fast
In this "Age of perpetual distraction"
It's hard to sit still and essay propositions
That nothing is sui generis
That innovation is possible despite the above
That Jay-Z can take a hot line and make it a hot song
That hip-hop is endlessly self-referential and in this digital age, it's easier and easier to cut and paste the past into the present
Mashups, blends, sampling

I used to care more about novelty, when I worked at KTRU. I listened to so much music that my ears got numb, until the only things I could hear were the things that sounded different.

I listen to less stuff now. Do I hear more?

No, I don't think so. The Ipod and Slsk have changed my habits. I go on binges but acquiring an album doesn't mean what it used to. I have to sit at the computer making playlists of stuff I haven't yet listened to but should; I maybe don't give enough attention to any particular song.

How often do you hear a song that you like right away? Isn't part of the pleasure of hearing a song the anticipation of remembered passages?

I find a song I like and listen to it too much. I wear it out like chewing gum. There are large swaths of music I've ruined this way.

time to chill

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