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03.18.05 - 12:26 a.m.

Overheard on Dissensus:

simon silverdollar: on a sidenote, jack dripdropdrap was telling me once that villalobos is well into ketamine and that's why his music sounds so crazy.

backjob: I think villalobos is probably into all sorts of exciting drugs that the rest of us can't get hold of. If I could party with anyone in the world it'd probably be him. You can just tell from the music that it'd be unbelievable.

jack jack: I don't remember saying the Villalobos thing. maybe i was OFF MY FACE!!!! ON DRUGS!!!

I put up one of his tunes so you can judge for yourself. The beat kicks in at 4:05 and that's when it gets good. Rubbery! Ketaminish?

Ricardo Villalobos - "True To Myself"
from The Au Harem d'Archimede LP (Perlon, 2004)

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