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04.12.05 - 11:12 a.m.

Traffic's slow on 101 today... must be a big accident up ahead (morbid anticipation, speculation-- how many cars? how bad?)

This White Stripes album is pretty good. I wonder if they stole a bunch of licks from old blues musicians. (momentary guilt that I'm not listening to Leadbelly)

Can't get my voice activiated tape recorder to work... yikes here comes the accident. I see two fire trucks, why are there always fire trucks? Highway patrol, police. Oh shit. Just one car, a yellow cab, but it's totally flipped over. Everyone rubbernecking, Faces of Death phenomenon. Remember those movies? A sick, natural impulse... how different from The Universe Within?

Think over the weekend... it was a good one... we celebrated Az's promotion, then on Saturday went with Shawn & Simone to see aformentioned exhibit where all these corpses and organs were perfectly preserved. A blackened stroke-stricken brain, cardiovascular systems on skeletons-- dense red bush of veins. A human kidney is the size of a deck of cards. Az. thought that was a dumb description because a kidney isn't shaped like a deck of cards.

Me: what's it shaped like then?
Shawn: a kidney bean
Me: so the human kidney's like a deck-of-cards-sized kidney bean...

(or was it a kidney bean shaped deck of cards?)

Oh yeah you're pretty good lookin... for a girl... traffic's moving along now, cruising down 101 at 80 mph in the sun... I enjoy the morning ride more than evening

Rollerjam at Cellspace was fun... my wrist still hurts though. (Flex wrist) well not as much as it did. If I had to pick one word to describe our transformation to rollerskating couple, it would be "unlikely." And yet there we were. The dancefloor was crowded though and I kept falling whenever I got cocky. Better to glide through the Armory with a boombox in hand, no crowds, no impedance, with light filtering in from the windows high above...

I try again to record my thoughts on taxes, but the tape isn't moving and what do I have to say really? This was the first year I owed the govt money ($43), which sucked, but in general I'm pro-taxes. Taxes get a bad rap but I like living in a civilized world where some of our earned money goes back to social services, streets, sanitation, welfare, art, and unfortunately military boondoggles.

people are passing me as I fiddle with the voice activated tape recorder... shit I'm doing 60 in the fast lane. fuck it, toss it, floor it. Will I record these thoughts later? it won't be chronological or accurate; but no-one will know or care.

For a while I thought it would be cool if a certain portion of your taxes could be discretionary... you could pick where the money went. So if you didn't want another stealth bomber you could apply your discretionary portion to arts funding. But somebody pointed out, for every bicoastal urban liberal who wants funding for NPR there's probably someone who wants the money to go to the DEA or marine sniper training or whatever...

Hey little apple blossom, what seems to be the problem?

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