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04.27.05 - 10:43 p.m.

Went to NYC last weekend to spend Passover with Az's family. My first cedar.
I wore a yamaka and joined them in Hebrew songs and ate a lot of meat.
Also told her Dad I'm going to marry her. He seemed ok with it.

During the days we took the Long Island Railroad into Brooklyn and Manhattan. It was great to hang out with Lina and JulieH after so long.
We sat in Union Square watching a young vintage jazz band.
Their bassist played a washtub bass he'd made himself, out of a broomstick, string and a washbasin.
The sun came out and skaters were doing tricks, tons of people were walking around... for a minute I really wanted to stay in New York.
There's really no place in the U.S. like it-- only in London have I felt that same vibe, the intensity of urban density,
a population so vast that almost anything can and does exist...

We had coffee and omelettes at this place called "The Coffee Shop."
Every waitress there was beautiful and each had her own unique style.
It was like a fashion show that served brunch.

Julie's apartment in Park Slope is nice. She told me mostly couples with baby carriages and lesbians live there.

Weekend before last I rode my bike around SF and took lots of pictures, including the alleyway above.
Despite the appeal of far-away places, there's no place I'd rather be.

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