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05.11.05 - 6:02 p.m.

Lesson learned:

When your gf asks about the strip club, LIE

No not really. But I do have to question why we value truth so highly. What is "truth" anyway? For that matter, what is a "strip club?" (waves hands vaguely)

In the market for a new camera.

Whenever I'm in the market for something I always think of that old onion article, "New Cracker Promises to Alleviate Crushing Burden of Modern Life."

Bachelor party was fun (pix1 pix2)

Aside from the aforementioned strip club: failed to body surf in the Mandalay Bay wave pool; almost set pinata (Senor Spedro) on fire whilst trying to light his cigarette in the limo; bowled a 70 and then an 80, but drank like a seasoned pro. And of course devoured Amma's dosas. If you haven't had my mom's dosas then it's safe to say your life thus far has been a waste. It was a bit strange going to my parents' house after a sleepless night of debauchery, but they cool. The cat looked at me suspiciously though.

Senor Spedro gets the rub down (thx andy)

Post vegas has been tough; I'm still rudderless. M.I.A. & Yosemite on the horizon, but I want more than evenings and weekends-- tired of living in the margins. At least Judaism class is almost over. I'm doing the conversion in August. You get a certificate & pick a hebrew name. I'm finna go with "Elijah" or "Jesus." Is Jesus even a hebrew name? Will this be on the test?

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