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05.13.05 - 1:16 p.m.

Just to clarify, the bachelor party I went to last weekend was for my friend Andy, not for me. Believe me, when I go down that road, you will know, because I will post numerous whinging screeds complaining about florists, caterers, diamond cartels, the price of tea in China, etc.

fig a: moments before I was wrestled away from Seņor Spedro (thx alex)

On the way to work today I passed this cement mixing truck, and on the rotating mixer there was a corny picture of some construction team with the motto "We work for you!" Given my recent obsession with graf-bombed delivery trucks, I couldn't help but mentally etch tags onto the mixer as I passed by. How cool would it be to come across some huge burner rotating slowly on a truck? Maybe you could even do some kind of animated piece or colors that started hot and then rotated to cold. Lots of possibilities. Maybe I need to take matters into my own hands & pick up some Krylon tonight. Also "graffiti for dummies."

I went to this Rice University alum thing last night. I wanted to play poker with D & co. but Az. convinced me I should go to the alum mixer to network and try to think of new career possibilities. It was weird-- everybody I ran into seemed to be a former engineer turned lawyer. Is this a sign? Yeah, a sign that Rice alums lack imagination! Why isn't anybody a former engineer turned zookeeper?

(i.e. a shit-scooper. somebody has to deal with those elephant turds right? or maybe they just sit there fertilizing)

I ran into this guy Ajay-- long story short, back when I started dating Eileen at Rice, he had just broken up with her, so I knew him mainly as "the guy still tryin to get with my girlfriend." It was interesting to realize that our paths had crossed even more since then, since all through hah-vahd law he dated this girl Anjali that Az. and I met independently through our friend Jay, and it turns out Anjali has fallen in love with Jay and is moving to London to be with him! Later I met this other guy who works at the same firm as her, and his firm's representing EA in the shareholder lawsuit! All these connections, it's ridiculous yet predictable.

I'm realizing that although this is interesting to me, you couldn't give an elephant's shit. Well that is why this is A---'s Journal of Pirate Lingo and not "[Insert your name here]'s Journal of Stuff You Care Deeply About."

Ajay said he's into indoor climbing-- note to self, email him and start climbing again. I haven't done it in a while but it was really fun when I was going more regularly.

M.I.A. / Diplo tonight-- I got my trucker cap and my pabst blue ribbon, all I need is a tattoo and I'm set. Wonder if she's as hot as she looks in press photos? If you haven't heard it, here's my fave track off Piracy Funds Terrorism. Bonus if you guess what sitcom soundtrack it samples. Actually no bonus, you can google that shit in 0.5 seconds. Dit-dit-dit on your mobile phone, dit-dit-dit on your mobile phone...

M.I.A. - URAQT (Diplo remix)

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