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05.16.05 - 1:11 a.m.

Jason spins the hypno-top (avi)

MIA came on way late and couldn't live up to the hype; no one could; but I still sang along to URAQT. Ran into Amit & some other folks. I will have that boy over to dinner or die trying. Ended up @ Darren's place for some good convo and late night back to the place Az. is housesitting-- gorgeous, island in the kitchen, hardwood floors, hot tub in the back, shaggy rug in the living room you can sink your body into...

Sat slept in, met up with Shawn for some thrifting, drinks with Farnoosh & Az., then back to the housesitting house for hot tub a tub. Az. had the great idea to doggie bag the excess fruit from our sangria. Genius! Each piece of orange / apple succulent, only problem is we kept throwing the rinds back into the same box and sooner or later you're gonna be pulling out mostly rinds.

Hot tubs are so great. Like a warm shower all over your body that never ends. Like the womb? I can't remember what the womb was like but maybe.

Jay's birthday party was saturday... my beloved Wizards lost in the last seconds. It's ok, as a wizards fan you have to get used to losing. As the wizznutzz put it, "It is a story of overcoming odds, but mostly not overcoming odds." Good to see the PIB crew, need to connect more. I'm taking some indie rawk bullets for the sake of hanging out. Out Hud? Who is this band? I dinna ken but soon will

Reading America: The Book (daily show book). It's really funny. Reminds me of "Dave Barry Slept Here" and the first Onion book -- written by smart people who know American history and like recurring jokes. Dave did it with the "Hawley-Smoot tariff", daily show guys do it with continual footnotes about "we" and "the people" referring to males, white males, white male property owners, or, in the case of the declaration of independence, "anybody who brought a pen." And strangely enough I'm re-remembering (is that a word?) all the stuff I learned in AP government so long ago...

Also reading: what exactly ? New Yorkers. planning to start that book about deep sea creatures, though it's looking scarily scientific. Finished the book @ Fischer vs Spassky-- proxy war in the cold war era, the Soviet chess machine vs the idiosyncratic (read: batshit crazy asshole) American contender... it makes me want to learn more about chess but I don't have the head for it.

Been futzing about quite a bit with picasa-- very fun to crop, raise fill light, screw with different options. Like photoshop for dummies except you can't actually take things out except by cropping. Sorry rachel, the weird thing that looks like a hat on your head stays. I guess I'll end with a flickr badge, because it is way past my bedtime (which like the speed limit is always over the stated figure but by how much is a mystery)
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