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05.19.05 - 12:46 a.m.

Forgotten how much I love Orbital
I have dreams that only drugs have given me
Feelings that will never live up to how they felt
How I thought they felt
Thought / feeling is a traditional but false dichotomy; read this if you don't agree.

Rationality so bound to our perception; you feel me? hear what I'm saying? see my point? The metaphors indicate something important-- our cognition is inherent in our senses. These guys have been trying to go somewhere with that for quite some time.

I used to be so interested in the processes of thought, consciousness; what happened?

Maybe nothing, except realizing how far we are from even posing the right questions. "Consciousness explained" : what does that mean? Reminds me of Doug Adams and 42. What was the question exactly? You know, the question... life, the universe, everything...

Maybe, the computer politely pointed out, the problem is that you never worked out what the question was exactly.

This will help you get where I am.

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