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05.31.05 - 4:33 p.m.

Back from the dentist. They always talk to you when your mouth's open. "So, tell me what you've been up to lately." "How bout them Spurs?"

I had cavities, like always. My brother's never had a cavity. It's not fair! Ok so I eat some candy and don't floss enough, I still say I got a bad roll of the genetic dice.

They didn't have that camera/tv hookup to let you look inside your mouth. I was a little disappointed by that. I also didn't get to read Highlights for Children, which I associate with dentist waiting rooms.

I wonder how much dentists make

Bug fixing is boring

It was a good memorial day wknd; Maya & Rob visited; volunteered with w/ Angi & Jenny at Glide. One homeless guy kept saying "fuck your mother" when he gave me his empty plate. It was funny because he said it in the same tone you would say "thank you very much." A lot of the homeless people in SF are mentally ill. It's sad because I don't think they're ever going to get the help they need. Deinstitutionalization in the 80's was part of the problem, but there were people with good intentions behind it all. Nothing's as simple as I'd like it to be.

Did yoga w/ Az. for first time in a while. Felt good but now I'm achy everywhere. Az. is a good influence on me as far as going to the gym & staying healthy. I in turn keep her informed on the latest in video games. It's "symbiotic."

Saw Star Wars III (sucks, Anthony Lane was hilarious & on-the-money.) Luckily I didn't pay for that one-- I just snuck in after seeing Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, which also sucked but at least reminded me how much I love those books. As I recall there were five in the "increasingly misnamed trilogy."

The books weren't much on plot but I loved them because they were filled with funny throwaway ideas. Like the SEP-- Somebody Else's Problem field. This was a futuristic cloaking technology that operated on the same principle that is at play when people in the city are walking down the street and they see some crazy guy naked except for a trenchcoat and propeller hat, doing interpretive dance, and it's so absurd their brains subconsciously dismiss it as "somebody else's problem." A SEP field could render the biggest of ships completely undetectable, and was much cheaper than actually making something invisible.

I saw 3 movies in theatres over the wknd, more than I've seen in forever. The last movie I'd seen in a theatre prior to that was Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. I guess I don't like going to the movies. Anyway the 3rd wknd flick I saw was Millions, which was actually quite good. Magical realism & not too sentimental. Have you noticed that a lot of Danny Boyle's movies involve people finding mysterious bags full of money? Shallow Grave had the same theme as Millions but was far more disturbing.

Reading the eXile compilation... holy shit it's good! Highly recommend. Should write about it more later, sex drugs & politics in Moscow right when the oligarchs were coming to power. Matt Taibbi played pro basketball in the Mongolian leagues for a while before returning to Moscow to write there... I didn't even know there WAS a Mongolian basketball league. Also interesting to see how the Russian drug ladder differs from hippie american ladder...

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