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07.22.05 - 12:54 a.m.

Got some interviews coming up, in & out of EA...

I want to go to Croatia over Labor Day, but Az. wants to go to Burning Man. It is our anniversary (we met there) but a lot of our friends aren't going this year. & Croatia beckons as unfamiliar territory... comfort vs effort

I was thinking of submitting a list to McSweeneys entitled "Lists I Have Had Rejected From McSweeneys." Surely someone's already though of that though.

Sometimes I sit down and try to think of lists but I never get very far.

Although I've failed to produce a review, if you're interested in movie piracy, you should check out The Scene. They tell the story mostly through IMing... it's weird to see people's IM pop up and have that be a narrative. Works well though. I think software/movie pirates pick interesting names. The five members of the group depicted in "The Scene" are: pyr0, slipknot, drosan, c0da and teflon, pyr0 like the comic book character? teflon, no charges stick. slipknot like the horrible band that wears bondage masks? c0da i don't know. drosan just comes from the guy's name.

If I were a [software] pirate my name would be: Mr Upsetter

(That's somebody else's name, but it's always been a favorite of mine)

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