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08.03.05 - 6:44 p.m.

In a haze, postponing the pressure of transition -- soons , soons. I like to think I rise to the occasion when interviews come around. We shall see. One set this Friday, another next week.

I was biking around and found this iron drum in the wastelands around 16th and Owen. There's all kinds of cool stuff out by the old train yards.

Midnight showing of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure was fun-- I'd never seen it before. Now I'm convinced of his genius & am moments from watching some episodes of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

a bunch people dressed up as pee-wee that night... here were two (taken by az.)

Also last Friday, we went to see Diplo. The club was RAMMED, diplodocus is clearly mr. hipster dj numero uno of the moment. I didn't realize he produced Kano's track "Reload It," one of the hottest on Kano's new album. get it if y'ne ha' it the noo

So there's been some dancing, some browsing of Mass Appeal... then today I went to visit Angi at the fortress of Biomedical Protein Synthesis Structure & NeuroImage Gene-Computation... whatever it is, the thing is glistening huge and redolent of major $$$

is flickr the new diaryland? is syzurp the new formaldahyde? love days off gliding around on bike, so much beauty out there (offer void if you live inside a walmart)

Psychonauts is an ok PS2 game but overrated; I support originality but it's just a platformer with infuriating 'collect 500 of everything' mechanics. Still, I like the idea of opening portals into people's heads, jumping around and fixing their mental baggage. Clearing our mental cobwebs.

I think I am simultaneously maximally stressed and at maximum ease. How long can you be on the cusp of marriage, home ownership, job change, parenthood (in a few years?), and Croatia? Oh Croatia where the beaches look so fine... my friend amit just went and it could be paradise regained

A sapphire ring with diamonds around?

Been playing set a lot. We played an impromptu game with strangers at Diplo. What a glorious nerdful moment! I finally understand the rules. If you want to drink a beer and play a good card game , get in touch.

I should end on a cliffhanger, to keep you reading. Ok...
The person who dies in the new Harry Potter book is...
Harry Potter!

Shocking, but don't worry, there can still be more books. Remember Alien 3 or Alien: Resurrection or whichever it was? Alien: We Blew Up Ripley But We'll Still Have A Sequel With Ripley In It

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